Kamahl Ibram is the convener of the Arabic radio program since 1994 at Radio 2000FM(98.5fm). This radio station is host to 50 community radio programs is various community languages.

Kamahl Ibram previously worked at Radio Cairo in the 1960’s as an audio engineer. After the war in 1967, Kamahl migrated to Australia arriving in Sydney in 1968. He worked in various jobs including radio convener at Sout El Karouz Christian radio and Kimi Christian Radio programs until he was elected as a convenor at 2000FM. He has occupied this volunteer position since 1995. In 2001, Kamahl was appointed as a Technical Manager and Broadcaster in the Voice of Hope radio program until government funding was no longer available.

The Arabic program has listeners all over the world. This program has been recognised worldwide and has received commendations in Egypt for bringing the community together.

Although this program airs weekly there is demand to have the program air more often. Many listeners have provided feedback about the high quality of the program. Many local newspapers have featured the radio program.

Kamahl has strong relationships with government officials, consulate officials and members of the local community. The radio program addresses many pertinent issues to raise community awareness of the occurrences in Egypt.

The radio is host to many special guests and prominent personalities to discuss current affairs. Sponsorship for the radio program is provided by members of the community. The radio program is recorded in Kamahl’s home studio, Amira Studio Productions, which he spent many years developing. Amira Studio Productions also reproduces CD’s for local events.


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